Ynamides (MYMsA and MYTsA) are stable,easy to handle, and able to avoid racemization during the activation of carboxylic acid and formation of amide bond.

Ynamides (MYTsA and MYMsA, Fig. 1) are a type of reagents, developed by Dr. Junfeng Zhao, for direct condensation of acids followed by amines.



  • Can be prepared easily from readily available chemicals and are stable to air and moisture
  • Able to avoid racemization during the activation of carboxylic acid and formation of amide bond
  • Have low molecular weights ((MYTsA 209; MYMsA 133), highlighting their atom-economic advantage

Fig. 1 Ynamides



Simple amide synthesis

Peptide synthesis and peptide fragment condensation: Ynamides can be used alone without the assistance of any additive or catalyst [1]

Macrolactonization: Ynamides can avoid the racemization/epimerization of seco-acids containing an α-chirality center, and the E/Z isomerization of α,β-unsaturated seco-acids [2]

One-pot condensation of carboxylic acids with nucleophilic hydroxyl species [3]

Thioamides and thiopeptides synthesis: Thioacylating reagents developed based on Ynamides can be used for thioamides synthesis. Also, they can be employed to incorporate a thioamide bond into the peptide backbone in a site-specific manner [4-5]


Fig. 2 Ynamides’ applications



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Dr. Zhao. Profile

J&K offers Ynamides developed by Dr. Zhao.

He is a distinguished Professor of Jiangxi Normal University. His research interests include chemical synthesis and modification of peptides and proteins, efficient synthesis of complex polycyclic molecules.

By QiChuck


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