About Us

At J&K Scientific, we understand that chemistry is not simply about scientific principles, and business is not only about the exchange of goods and services. Chemistry is a tool for understanding and meeting human needs, and business is about building relationships and working together to improve our world. We are committed to deliver only the finest quality products, by doing so it allows us to aid in drug discovery , environmental protection and myriad other endeavors that serve humanity both today and in the years to come.

J&K Scientific, founded in 1992, has grown over the past two decades to become world leader in the supply and manufacture of a wide range of chemicals, lab supplies to more than 200,000 customers worldwide, involving scientific research and industrial fields related to chemistry, life sciences, and materials science. Our high-quality products include synthetic reagents, catalysts, ligands, building blocks, solvents, analytical chemicals, biochemicals, reference standards, and other advanced product clusters.

At this Integrated Scientific & Industrial Resource Platform, J&K experts are eager to help accelerate research and development through offering a wide variety of initiatives, including project valuation, collaborative R&D, upscaling trials, joint manufacturing ventures, global marketing and distribution plans. J&K offers a team of scientific and business professionals who are relentless in our mission to find new ways to contribute significantly to humanity, both today and in the years to come. 

Our Mission

To accelerate scientific and industrial development, thereby serving humanity.

Our Vision

Bringing together creative minds to devise chemical systems and technologies that solve today’s problems and facilitate a higher quality of life for future generations.

Our Values

  • Integrity
We put our customers and partnerships above all else with honest and transparent communication, mutual respect, aligned decision making and sustainable business practices.
  • Quality
Our drive to ensure high quality service and products comes from our desire to catalyze downstream innovation.
  • Excellence
J&K’s ever-growing track record of success is proof of its dedication to meeting and exceeding your expectations and regulatory requirements. We manage global operations effectively and efficiently through superior cross-functional teamwork and a strong commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Collaboration
We welcome partnerships with academia, research institutes, and pharmaceutical industries to accelerate the advancement of material and life science innovations.

    Our Promise



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