Glass capillary tubes ideal for spotting TLC chromatographic applications and melting point determination experiments. Low grade borosilicate glass. Both ends are open. Stand up to 110 C degrees.

ID: 0.3mm, OD: 0.54mm, variation: 0.01~0.015mm Length: 100mm. ~1000 pcs/pkg

ID: 0.5mm, OD: 0.64mm, variation 0.01~0.015mm. Length: 100mm. ~1000 pcs/pkg

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Spotting capillary tube, 0.5 mm×100 mm

name:Spotting capillary tube brand:J&K Scientific Specification:Inner diameter 0.5mm,Length 100mm Material: glass Package:1000 pieces per tube,500 pieces per tube use to:Glass spotting capillaries are widely used for thin-layer spotting in biochemistry, plant...