An ionic liquid (IL) is a salt (usually made of an organic cation and an inorganic anion) with a melting point lower than the boiling point of water (100°C, 212 °F). Also known as neoteric solvents, ionic fluids, or molten salts, these entities display unique properties including low vapor pressure, aqueous state over a wide range of temperatures, high thermal stability, ionic conductivity, and the ability to dissolve many chemical species.

Inspiring a revolutionary change in green chemistry and chemical engineering, research involving ionic liquids touches upon nearly every branch of chemistry and material science including catalysis, organic synthesis, separation and analysis, electrochemistry, material chemistry, pretreatment of biomass, energy technology and more.

To meet the growing demand, a large variety of low water content and high purity ionic liquids are available at J&K Scientific, including Pyridinium Cation, Pyrrolidinium Cation and Quaternary Ammonium Salt Cation.


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