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Our first-class production units and process management standards guarantee high product quality. Our significant manufacturing capabilities ensure that we can meet all your needs, no matter how custom your order. From milligrams to tons, we strictly control reagent quality through our quality management systems.



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      About Us



      35,000 own brands & 800,000 global selected



      200,000+ Clients from academic & industry


      Multi-data connecting

      unlimited value-added opportunities



      | Marketing and Sales Network


        Serve worldwide scientific and industry

        Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, San Jose (USA), Toronto (Canada)
        Distribution network: Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, Israel, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.


        | Advantages of Global Supply Chain


          Drive to sustainable development

          - Global supply chain with 3,400 vendors
          - 1,100 International flights annually
          - Purchasing 68,000 products and materials


          Agile R&D Manufacturing



            Quality Assured Production

            - Lean production with high-temperature, high-pressure, anhydrous reactions.
          Special process with Chiral Induction, Chiral resolution, Metal Catalyzed Coupling Reactions, Radical Reactions.

            - All procedures of production, precision filling and sealing packaging are optimized and customized to meet each customer’s high-level requirements from micro- to scale- manufacturing.

              QA & QC System
             - 2 in house Analysis and Testing Centers and 25 collaborated Certification Testing Labs
             - Strict supplier management system and audit process


            | Strong Customer Base


               200,000 Professional customers in academics and industry
              - Academics (University, Institute…)
              - Pharmaceutical, Vaccine, In vitro diagnostic, Biotech R&D and Manufacturing…
              - Semiconductor, Electronic Materials, New Energy Materials, Biomedical materials, Antibacterial materials
              - CRO companies, CDC, Customs, Environmental testing labs, 3rd-party testing labs…


                  Digital Marketing and Online Support



                   Globalized Marketing and Distribution 

                   eCommerce  Online shop, mobile App, integrated procurement platforms

                   Multi-channel Content Marketing   Product descriptions, safety data, applications, user manual, reference articles via J&K website, WeChat, email

                   Online Customer Services   Live chat, shipment tracking, technical documents (Specifications, Certificate of Analysis, SDS)


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