Glass fiber paper is a thin paper made from glass fibers with a small diameter. Good dimensional stability. High resistance to chemical agents. Strong weather resistance. Good non-flammability. It can be made with 100% glass fiber (diameter 0.3~0.5μm or less, main component is silica), lightly beaten, adding adhesive, or adding some chemical wood pulp, on a fourdrinier paper machine or a rotary screen paper machine. Become. Silica gel or colloidal alumina can also be added to increase strength. And thermal insulation materials, electrical insulation materials, and reinforcement materials for synthetic resin products, etc.

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Glass Fiber PaperLab Supplies

Glass fiber paper, GF/D, 47 mm, 2.7 μm

Glass fibre filter paper is widely used in laboratory filtration and separation due to their high filtration accuracy, high flow rates, ultra low pressure drop, high load capacity, low extractables...