Polyadenylic acid (also known as poly(A), poly(A) carrier or carrier RNA) is a synthetic homopolymer composed of a long single-stranded (100-500 kDa) sequence of adenine (A) nucleotides available in lyophilized form. Its charge, shape and ability to residue-stack is modulated by solvent composition. It is structurally identical to poly(A) tails,...

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J&K Scientific is specialized in supplying high quality reagents for viral transport media. We are proud to support the diagnostic efforts in fighting against COVID-19. Reagents for the Preparation of Viral Transport Medium 525484 Phenol red sodium salt [CAS: 34487-61-1] 985371 D-(+)-Glucose, ACS reagent [CAS: 50-99-7] 991468 Potassium chloride, 99%, extra pure [CAS:...

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