Headspace vials are common consumables used in gas phase experiments, especially in gas chromatography (GC) analyses. These vials are typically used to prepare headspace samples containing the sample, dilution solvent, matrix modifier, and headspace. In simple terms, laboratory bottles used for headspace analysis are referred to as headspace vials. These vials are primarily made of glass, with minimal use of plastic.

How to Choose Suitable Headspace Vials:

  1. Based on Gas Chromatography Analysis Requirements: Select the vial according to the requirements of gas chromatography analysis.

  2. Consideration of Sample Characteristics: Use a standard sample vial to ensure sufficient headspace. This involves reaching a standard proportion to the sample volume, and the reserved volume after comparison should be at least 50% of the sample volume.

    • Common capacities of headspace vials include 10 mL and 20 mL.
    • Headspace vial colors are either transparent or amber. Amber vials meet the light-shielding storage requirements for certain samples.

Selection of Vial Mouth:

  1. Based on the Vial Mouth, Headspace Vials Can Be Divided Into Two Main Categories:

    • Screw-Top Headspace Vials
    • Crimp-Top Headspace Vials
  2. Differences Between Screw-Top and Crimp-Top Headspace Vials: The main difference lies in the sealing method. Generally, the sealing performance of precision screw-top vials is slightly better than that of crimp-top vials. Screw tops are more convenient for manual operations, while crimp tops are suitable for automated mechanical operations.

Selection of Vial Bottom:

  1. Unlike the Classification Method for Sample Vials, Headspace Vials Have Rounded and Flat Bottoms:
    • Rounded-bottom headsapce vials are convenient for heating in a heating module and can withstand higher pressure.
    • Flat-bottom headspace vials are convenient for placement.

Headspace Vial Cap and Septa:

In addition to selecting the vial body, choosing the cap is also crucial. Headspace vials generally come with screw caps and crimp caps. To achieve optimal performance for headspace GC, special attention should be given to sample preparation and instrument settings. Foxx Life Sciences provides high-quality aluminum caps (non-magnetic) and magnetic caps for headsapce vials. The gasket adopts a PTFE membrane/silicone composite gasket, exhibiting excellent performance. These caps are widely used in multiple injections, longer sampling cycles, and gas chromatographs.

This guide covers the essential considerations for selecting and using headspace glass vials, addressing key aspects such as capacity, color, vial mouth type, vial bottom type, and the importance of cap selection.

By 向阳 翟


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