What is Carbolong?

Carbolong is a new class of multi-functional chain compounds containing multiple alkynyl groups.

J&K is proud to exclusively supply Carbolong with following advantages:

High activity and good selectivity

Carbolong contains two excellent reactivity structure units propargyl alcohol and bialkynl.

High efficiency

Carbolong is able to achieve a variety of metal heteroaromatic aromatic ring construction- Carbolong complexes by one-pot.

Rich application areas

Carbolong has achieved initial success in metal heterocyclic chemistry, had good space for development in organic synthesis and metal organic chemistry, and can also be used to develop a new synthetic method chemistry.

Examples of Carbolong combined with transition metals

Carbolong combined with transition metals examples

These Carbolong complex are very stable, some of which are stable up to 200°C in air. And they have broad absorption from ultraviolet-visible to the near-infrared region and significant photothermal properties, which provide a promising material for biomedicine and solar energy utilization.

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952800 Carbolong 1

2667436 Carbolong 2

2667437 Carbolong 3

2667438 Carbolong 4

2667439 Carbolong 5

2667440 Carbolong 9


By Olica Xu


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