The Wurtz coupling uses sodium metal and two alkyl halides to make a new carbon-carbon bond. First, a metal-halogen exchange forms a carbanion that then attacks the second alkyl halide in SN2 fashion.

  • Reagents: Sodium Metal, Solvent (THF, Et2O, Dioxane, Xylenes)
  • Reactant: Alkyl Halide
  • Product: Alkane
  • Type of Reaction: Metal-Catalyzed Coupling Reaction
  • Bond Formation: C-C

Lab Tips

  • The classical reaction tends to be low yielding because of elimination and rearrangement side reactions. 1
  • Better yields are achieved with finely dispersed sodium metal. 1
  • Two identical alkyl halides result in a symmetrical alkane. 1
  • Distinct alkyl halides result in a (low yield) mixture of both symmetrical and unsymmetrical product. 1
  • The order of alkyl halide reactivity is I>>Br>>Cl. Primary alkyl iodides are the best substrates, while secondary alkyl halides should be avoided. 1
  • Alkyl halides can also be coupled intramolecularly. 1
  • Alkylated aromatic compounds made from alkyl and aryl halides is called the Wurtz-Fittig reaction. 1
  • Other metals and various metal complexes have improved yields and suppressed side reactions, including use of Cu, Mn2(CO)10, Li metal/ultrasound, Na(Hg), Na-K alloy, etc. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
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