Plastic Products

Plastic ware, beakers, dilution bottles, wash bottles, plastic graduated cylinders, bubble wrap, plastic centrifuge tubes, plastic measuring cups, PE gloves, funnel stands, test tube racks, alcohol bottles, pipettes, plastic bottles, plastic filters, plastic culture dishes, pipette stands, fluoride bottles, plastic pipettes, centrifuge tube boxes, slide boxes, colorimetric tube racks, sample troughs, etc.

Ceramic Products

Buchner funnels, porcelain evaporating dishes, porcelain boats, white reaction plates, porcelain crucibles, porcelain mortars, porcelain crucible stands, combustion tubes, etc.

Metal Products

Water taps, sample spoons (pharmaceutical spoons), crucible iron stands, titration stands, test tube racks, crucible tongs, alcohol lamps, clamps, forceps, laboratory scissors, lifting platforms, Bunsen burners, etc.

Biochemical Consumables

Petri dishes, cryogenic storage boxes, deep well plates, PCR freezer tube boxes, culture dishes, staining racks, culture tubes, cell freezing, ELISA plates, etc.

Laboratory Equipment

Filter membranes, stir bars, nylon membranes, fluoride bottles, F4 beakers, F4 crucibles, F4 stoppers, etc.

Paper Products

Label paper, litmus paper, pH test paper, filter paper, weighing paper, lens cleaning paper, etc.

Rubber Products

Silicone tubes, rubber stoppers, crucible supports, ear wash bulbs, gloves, stoppers, silicone stoppers, latex tubes, rubber tubes, double connecting balls, etc.


Detergents, cleaning brushes, porcelain trays, freezers, wooden funnel stands, wooden test tube racks, wooden test tube clamps, lab coats, etc.


Bottles: Narrow-mouth bottles, dropping bottles, reagent bottles, wide-mouth bottles, dispensers, wash bottles, alcohol lamps, mortars, combustion bottles, filter bottles, drying agents, etc.

Heating Devices: Beakers, triangular flasks, iodine flasks, round-bottom flasks, suction filtration flasks, distillation flasks, flat-bottom flasks, Kjeldahl flasks, etc.

Quartz Products: Quartz crucibles, quartz evaporating dishes, quartz tubes, quartz wool, quartz slides, absorption bottles, distillation apparatus, quartz funnels, etc.

Dishes and Tubes: Pipettes, test tubes, centrifuge tubes, colorimetric dishes, drying tubes, culture dishes, crystallizing dishes, suction pipes, surface dishes, gas delivery pipes, evaporating dishes, etc.

Funnels: Sand core funnels, short stem funnels, separating funnels, long stem funnels, dropping funnels, safety funnels, suction filtration funnels, etc.

Standard Joints: Glass chromatography columns, connecting tubes, screw-threaded pipes, fractionating columns, drying towers, receiving tubes, condensing tubes, distillation heads, hollow plugs, splash guards, bent joint plugs, fractionating pipes, distillation columns, distillation bends, etc.

Measuring Instruments: Specific gravity bottles, graduated cylinders, measuring cups, pipettes, gas flowmeters, burettes, volumetric flasks, pipette bulbs, gas sampling tubes, aldehyde measuring bottles, colorimetric tubes, sampling tubes, etc.

Complete Sets: Distillation apparatus, absorption bottles, absorbers, fat extractors, boiling point apparatus, separators, etc.

Others: Sand core crucibles, cover glasses, glass beads, sand core filter balls, glass rods, etc.

By 向阳 翟


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