The main purpose of the test tube rack is to place special rack instruments such as test tubes and drying chamber tubes. The secondary frame is also made of wood and aluminum. The test tubes used for cleaning belts should be placed on the test tube rack with the mouth facing down, which is more beneficial. Drying the test tubes also prevents some dust from falling into the test tubes. Test tubes that are too hot cannot be placed directly on the test tube rack. This will cause the wood to be burned or the test tubes to explode directly. Therefore, you must pay attention to the distinction when using it, and remember clearly the placement of the test tubes and the temperature requirements to avoid unnecessary losses.

      The test tube rack is used to store test tubes. This kind of rack is often seen in hospitals. Some of the collected blood or other liquids will be placed in a test tube and placed on a professional shelf, so that they can be distinguished by barcodes. And in the hospital environment, its use is very extensive. Basically in every window you can see a shelf like this placed next to the window. And in some instruments, it is also an inseparable vessel. In the hospital, especially at the blood collection window, there are often many people who need blood collection.

      The collected blood must be separated very clearly so that it is not easy to mix up the patient's blood samples. So at this time, it played its role. Each test tube has its own label. So put these test tubes neatly on a shelf, which will be more convenient to take and easier to identify. And when the test tubes are moved, it is simply inconvenient to have too many test tubes. It will be much easier if there is a method like this. All test tubes have fixed positions and can be fixed, which makes it easier to take. convenient.

By 向阳 翟


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