L-Aspartic Acid is an organic compound with the chemical formula C4H7NO4. It appears as white crystals or crystalline powder with a slightly sour taste. It is soluble in boiling water, sparingly soluble in water at 25°C (0.5%), and readily dissolves in dilute acids and sodium hydroxide solutions. It is insoluble in ethanol, ether, decomposes when heated to 270°C, has an isoelectric point of 2.77, and its optical rotation depends on the solvent.

      Product Uses:

  1. Electrolyte Supplement in Medicine:

    • Used in amino acid infusions, potassium, calcium, and other inorganic ion supplements.
    • Employed as a recovery agent for fatigue.
  2. Treatment of Various Conditions:

    • L-Aspartic Acid potassium magnesium injection or oral solution is utilized for conditions such as arrhythmia, premature beats, tachycardia, low blood potassium, low blood magnesium, heart failure, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, hepatitis, cirrhosis, particularly those induced by digitalis toxicity.
    • Considered low toxicity, it should not be injected without dilution. Caution is advised for individuals with impaired kidney function and atrioventricular block.
  3. Detoxification Agent and Liver Function Promoter:

    • Acts as a detoxifying agent and promoter of liver function.
    • Used as a pharmaceutical in the synthesis of L-Aspartic Acid sodium food additives and additives for various refreshing beverages.
  4. Synthesis of Sweeteners:

    • Employed in the synthesis of sweeteners.
    • Used in medicine to treat heart diseases, as a liver function promoter, detoxifying agent, fatigue reliever, and component of amino acid infusions.
  5. Nutritional Supplement and Flavor Enhancer:

    • Added as a nutritional supplement and flavor enhancer in various cool beverages.
    • In medicine, it serves as a detoxifying agent, liver function promoter, and fatigue recovery agent.
  6. Biochemical Research:

    • Utilized in biochemical research.
    • Acts as a fatigue recovery agent, detoxifying agent, and clinical diagnostic medicine.
By 向阳 翟


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