The manual capper allows for the easy and secure removal of aluminum caps with just one squeeze. The adjustable manual capper provides an adjustable stop on the handle, ensuring consistent tightness with each capping. The depth of the jaws can be changed by adjusting the screws inside the metal jaws.

Correct jaw depth is crucial, as overly tight jaws can cause deformation of the septum towards the center. Damaging the needle and the correct positioning of the large hole in the PTFE with the jaws too loose can result in the septum falling off or sample evaporation.

When the capper is used for sealing microwave vials, the procedure is the same as for headspace vials, as the mouth of microwave vials, like headspace vials, falls under the category of jawed vials.

When in use, tighten the vial mouth, grip the capper firmly, and press down to seal the cap securely on the vial.

Threaded headspace vials are suitable for sealing aluminum caps, aluminum-plastic caps, easy-open caps, small iron caps, copper caps, freeze-dried rubber plugs, flat rubber plugs, and concave rubber plugs, used for oral liquid bottles, 2ml bottles, large infusion bottles, lady oral liquid bottles, penicillin bottles, spray pipes, insulin bottles, streptomycin bottles, syrup bottles, etc. All these caps are crimped together.

By 向阳 翟


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