Electronic grade solvents are widely used in the wet process of microelectronics and optoelectronics, such as cleaning and drying of precision electronic components of chips, liquid crystals, magnetic heads, circuit boards, etc. As indispensable raw materials in the manufacturing of display panels, semiconductors, solar cells, choosing the right electronic grade solvent is crucial to product quality.

J&K Scientific provides specialized Electronic grade solvents with strict quality control to ensure metal ion and particle contents are kept extremely low. According to the SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) standards, J&K Scientific provides three electronic grade solvents of EL, EHL-I and EHL-II as below:

J&K grade
SEMI grade
IC linewidth (μm)
Metal impurity (μg/kg)
Particles count (pcs/mL)
C1 (Grade 1)
> 1.2
C7 (Grade 2)
0.8 – 1.2
C8 (Grade 3)
0.2 – 0.6


How to select the proper grade?

There are many different electronic grade solvents on the market, such as MOS, UP-S, VL, etc. J&K has put together the following table to recommend the appropriate electronic solvent grade for different applications.

  • Solar photovoltaic

Grade: EL
922080, 1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone, 99.5%, EL
  • Discrete devices, flat panel displays, LEDs

Grade: EL
987265, Acetic acid, 99.8%, ELH-I
961477, Xylenes, 99%, ELH-I
992360, Isopropanol, 99.8%, ELH-I
  • Flat panel display, LED, integrated circuit (IC linewidth 0.2-0.6 μm)

Grade: EHL-II
981866, Ethanol, 99.9%, EHL-II
912913, Isopropanol, 99.9%, EHL-II
934255, Methanol, 99.9%, EHL-II
959385, Ammonium hydroxide, 28.0-30.0%, ELH-II


Can I choose other grades of solvents instead?

Ultra-dry and ultra-pure solvents have low moisture content and high purity, but the control of metal ions and particle size is far from enough. Therefore, choosing a suitable electronic grade solvent is more conducive to achieving the expected research results and ensuring production quality.

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By Olica Xu


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