1. Manual cutting
1. Prepare tools
Hand cutting requires the following tools: heat-resistant gloves, fragile knife, grinding wheel, matches.
2. Cutting steps
(1) Place the glass capillary tube on a flat table;
(2) Use a sharp blade or grinding wheel to gently grind one end of the glass capillary tube into a bevel. The polished glass capillary tube becomes easier to cut;
(3) Use a fragile knife to cut slowly along the bevel with moderate attention and do not use excessive force;
(4) After lighting the match, place the cutout in the flame to let the glass at the cutout slowly heat up and strengthen the cutout.
2. Machine cutting
1. Prepare tools
Machine cutting requires the following tools: glass tube cutting machine, glass capillary tube.
2. Cutting steps
(1) Place the glass capillary tube into the glass tube cutting machine, and pay attention to adjusting the incision position of the cutting machine;
(2) Start the cutting machine and let the cutting machine complete cutting automatically;
(3) Take out the cut glass capillary tube and check whether the cut is flat. If it is uneven, it can be processed again.
Cutting of glass capillary tubes can be done by hand or using a machine. Manual cutting requires certain skills and experience, and the incisions are prone to cracks; while machine cutting is more efficient and precise. It should be noted that when cutting, wear heat-resistant gloves to ensure safety.
By 向阳 翟


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