I. Basic Properties of Sodium Hexafluorosilicate

Sodium hexafluorosilicate is a white crystalline powder that remains stable at room temperature. It can mix with water, producing hexafluorosilicate ions and sodium ions. The molecular formula of sodium hexafluorosilicate is Na2SiF6·6H2O, with a relative molecular mass of 264.08. It has a density of 2.68 g/cm³, a melting point of 1000°C, and a boiling point of 2200°C.

II. Applications of Sodium Hexafluorosilicate

  1. Industrial Applications:

    Sodium hexafluorosilicate finds widespread use in various industrial applications, including metal smelting, ceramic production, fire-resistant material manufacturing, and the production of silicate cement. It serves as a fluxing agent in the casting and smelting of metals like aluminum and copper, a production aid in alumina production, and an auxiliary agent in glass manufacturing. In the ceramic industry, sodium hexafluorosilicate is employed as a glaze and body material, enhancing hardness and gloss.

  2. Pharmaceutical Applications:

    Sodium hexafluorosilicate is a crucial pharmaceutical raw material, used in the production of aluminum sodium hexafluorosilicate gastric powders, sodium hexafluorosilicate washes, and more. It also functions as a stabilizer and buffer in biological preparations.

  3. Environmental Protection Applications:

    It serves as a sewage treatment agent and pollution prevention agent. Sodium hexafluorosilicate accelerates the precipitation of suspended matter, purifying wastewater. Additionally, it functions as an anti-corrosion agent, protecting the surface of steel.

  4. Other Applications:

    Sodium hexafluorosilicate has various other applications, such as a food additive and vegetable cleaning agent. It is also utilized in insecticides and herbicides in agricultural production.

III. Applications of Sodium Hexafluorosilicate

  1. Aluminum Production:

    Sodium hexafluorosilicate is a key raw material in the production of aluminum fluoride, a critical component in the production of high-purity aluminum.

  2. Ceramic Production:

    Widely used as a glaze and body material in ceramics, sodium hexafluorosilicate enhances hardness and gloss, contributing to the production of various ceramic products used in daily life.

  3. Copper Sulfate Production:

    Sodium hexafluorosilicate is a primary raw material in the production of copper sulfate. Copper sulfate is extensively used in industrial production for various applications.

In summary, sodium hexafluorosilicate is a versatile compound with applications across multiple industries, contributing to processes ranging from metal smelting to pharmaceuticals and environmental protection.

By 向阳 翟


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