N-[(1S,2S)-1,2-Diphenyl-2-(2-(4-methylbenzyloxy)ethylamino)-ethyl]-4-methylbenzene sulfonamide(chloro)ruthenium(II) (S,S)-Ts-DENEB®

Technical Notes:1.Catalyst used for asymmetric -transfer hydrogenation.2.Catalyst used for asymmetric H2 hydrogenation.3.Catalyst used for dynamic kinetic resolution4.Catalyst used for asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of unsymmetrical benzophenones .5.Catalyst used for asymmetric transfer...


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Technical Notes:
1.Catalyst used for asymmetric -transfer hydrogenation.
2.Catalyst used for asymmetric H2 hydrogenation.
3.Catalyst used for dynamic kinetic resolution
4.Catalyst used for asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of unsymmetrical benzophenones .
5.Catalyst used for asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of Aryl N-Heteroaryl Ketones .
6.Catalyst used - asymmetric transferhydrognetn t alpha Substituted KEKetone.
7.Development of Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation with a Bifunctional Oxo-Tethered Ruthenium Catalyst in Flow for the Synthesis of a Ceramide (D- erythro-CER[NDS]).
8.Multiple Absolute Stereocontrol in Cascade L actone Formation via Dynamic Kinetic Resolution Driven by the Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation of Keto Acids with xo-T etheres Ruthenium Catalysts .
9. Convincing Catalytic Performance of Oxo-Tethered Ruthenium Complexes for Asymmetric Transfer
Hydrogenation of Cyclic a-Halogenated Ketones through Dynamic Kinetic Resolution.