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Sku 42-1200-500MG
Technical Notes:
1. Catalyst for synthesis of blue-light- emitting electroluminescent diphenylanthracene polymer from
norbornene monomer by ROMP.
2.Catalyst for transformation of ROMP into controlled atom transfer radical polymerization for the preparation of block copolymers.
3.Catalyst for synthesis of various ring-opened poly(norbornene) derivatives by the ring-opening metathesis polymerizations.
4. Catalysts for stereoselective cyclopolymerization of 1 ,6-heptadiynes.
5.Catalyst for synthesis various (linear, triarms, ABA or ABCBA type) amphiphili multiblock copolymers containing acetal-protected sugars by the coupling of an end-functionalized R MP copolymer with poly( ethylene glycol).
6. Catalyst for two-step method synthesis of ROMP/AP polycyclopentene/polystyrene and
polynorbornene polystyrene diblock copolymers.
7.Catalyst for synthesis of poly(homoisobutylene) and poly(homo-a-m ethylstyrene) via RC MP.
8.Catalyst for the Z -selective and syndioselective polymerization of NBDF6 and MPCP
9. Catalyst for regioselective cyclopolym erization of 1,7-octadiynes.
10. Catalyst for stereospecific ring-opening metathesis polym erization of norbornene and tetracyclododecene.