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Technical Notes
1.Ligand for the Ir-catalyzed enantioselective polyene cyclization .
2.Ligand for Ir-catalyzed enantio- and diastereodivergent a allylation of branched and linear aldehydes.
3.Ligand for the direct Ir-catalyzed cross-coupling between branched, racemic allylic alcohols and simple
olefins .
4.Ligand for the Ir-catalyzed enantioselective allyl-allylsilane cross-coupling.
5.Ligand for the Ir or Pd/aminocatalyst-catalyzed and asymmetric v- allylation of a, ß-unsaturated aldehydes.
6.Ligand for the a-allylation of protected a-amino- and a-hydroxyacetaldehydes .
7.Ligand for the Ir-catalyzed substitution of allylic carbonates using formaldehyde N,N-dialkylhydrazones as neutral C1-nucleophiles.
8.Used in synthesis of chiral, ß-substituted homoallylic organoboronic esters via Ag-assisted, Ir- catalyzed allylation of bis[(pinacolato )boryl]methane.
9.L igand for the Ir-catalyzed enantioselective allylic alkylation that enables the preparation of ß-substituted v,õ- unsaturated esters and protected aldehydes .
10. L igand for the enantioconvergent C(sp3)- -C(sp3) coupling between racemic allenylic electrophiles and
alkylzinc reagents to generate highly asymmetric preparation of allenylic carbonates over the corresponding diene isomers.
11. Ligand used in Pd catalyzed tandem allylation/1 ,2-boronate rearrangement for the asymmetric synthesis of indolines with adjacent quaternary stereocenters .
12. Ligand for the Ir-catalyzed enantioselective allylation of N-, 0- and S-nucleophiles, also chloro- and
Bromoacetaldehyde in water.
13. L igand for the Ir-catalyzed allylic alkylation of racemic allylic alcohols with malonates .
14. L igand for the Ir-catalyzed enantioselective allylation of aryl enamides and enecarbamates .