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Technical Notes:
1.Amination - Studies were conducted to determine pos sible intermediates in the highly enantioselective, iridium-catalyzed amination and etherification of allylic carbonates, and these studies revealed that cyclometalation of this phosphoramidite ligand is likely to generate the active catalyst
2.Cyclization - Enantioselective cyclization of aromatic ketimines containing alkenyl groups tethered at the meta position of an imine directing group has been achieved using 5 mol% [RhCI(coe)2]2 and 15 mol% of this (S )-BINOL-derived phosphoramidite ligand.
3.Kinetic Resolution - A variety of substituted 2-cyclohexenones, such as (R)-1, is obtained enantiomerically pure by employing the chiral copper-phosphoramidite complex (Cu( Tf)2L*[Ir(CC D )Cl]2/phosphoramidite ligand was found to be an efficient catalytic system for the highly regio- and enantioselective decarboxylative alkylation of v-substituted allyl ß-
5.Friedel-Crafts Alkylation - Highly regio- and enantioselective Ir-catalyzed Friedel-Crafts type allylic alkylation of indoles have been realized using [Ir(COD )Cl]2/phos phoramidite ligand
6.Allylic Alkylation - Ir-catalyzed allylic aminations of (E)-4-benzyloxy-2-butenyl methyl carbonate with
benzylamine using Feringa's (Sa,Sc,Sc)-phosphoramidite as a chiral ligand afforded linear-aminated achiral product N,O-dibenzyl-4- amino-2-buten-1-ol regioselectively
7.The first dynamic kinetic asymmetric transformation in copper catalyzed allylic alkylation is reported, with enantioselectivities up to 92%.