Microliter centrifuge tubes, also known as EP tubes, are small centrifuge tubes designed for use with microcentrifuges, enabling the separation and centrifugation of small-volume reagents.

The tube has a round mouth at the top and a conical shape at the bottom. The round mouth enhances mechanical strength, while the conical shape reduces volume. After the microsuspension settles through centrifugation, the volume of the precipitate can be directly read, and color and crystal shapes can be easily observed.

I. Usage Instructions

Operating Steps:

  1. As graduated centrifuge tubes are volumetric measuring instruments, they must be cleaned and dried before use.

  2. When reading values, it is crucial to accurately observe the curved meniscus to avoid introducing errors.

  3. The number of centrifuge tubes used should be determined by the centrifuge machine's model. For example, when using a dual-tube centrifuge machine for a single experiment, an equivalent volume of liquid must be added to the other tube to maintain balance.

  4. Centrifuge tubes should be compatible with the centrifuge machine. Choose tubes of appropriate length and thickness based on the centrifuge machine's configuration.

  5. After placing the centrifuge tubes into the machine's rotor for layering and separation, allow them to stop rotating naturally when stopping. Do not force them to stop using external force.

II. Precautions

When using centrifuge tubes, avoid reusing a tube multiple times. Pay attention to sample evaporation and potential leakage from samples with strong radioactivity or corrosion. During storage, ensure proper sealing to prevent deformation of the tubes during use.

  1. Do not place any substances on the centrifuge tube lid. After each use, clean the inner cavity and rotor thoroughly.

  2. If a high-speed microliter centrifuge has not been used for an extended period, open the centrifuge cover for a period before use to dry the interior.

By 向阳 翟


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