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Technical Notes:
1. N-Heterocyclic carbene catalyzed enantioselective annulation of bromoenal and 1 ,3- dicarbonyl compounds.
2.Ni-catalyzed amination of aryl sulfamates .
3.Cobalt-catalyzed C-H bond functionalizations with alkyl and aryl chlorides.
4. Linear-selective hydroarylation of unactivated terminal and internal olefins with trifluoromethyl-substituted arens
5. PhenoFluorMix: Practical chemoselective deoxyfluorination of phenols.
6.C-Halk e enylations with alkenyl acetates, phosphates, carbonates, and carbamates by Co catalysis at 23'C. 7. 7.Ni-catalyzed alkenylation of ketone enolates under mild conditions.
8. Cu-catalyzed aza-MichaeI addition of aromatic amines or aromatic aza-heterocycles to a,ß-unsaturated
olefins .
9. Ni-catalyzed catalyzed Csp2- CBp3 cross-coupling via C-O bond activation .
10.Iron-catalyzed cross-cou pling reactions of arylmagnesium reagents with aryl chlorides and tosylates .
11. Ni-catalyzed amination of aryl 2-pyridyl ethers via cleavage of the carbon-on bond.
V-F leterocvclic rbenecataivzedstereoselective alvcosvlationof2-nitroo,ygen
12. N-Heteroccarbene caed stereoselective of 2-nitrogalactals.
10Cross-coupling of amides with alkylboranes via nickel-catalyzed C-N bond cleavage.