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Sku 07-0303-500MG
Technical Note:
1.L igand for Copper catalyzed syn selective Mukaiyama aldol reaction .
2.Ligand for Tin catalyzed anti-selective aldol reaction
3.L igand for Ytterbuim catalyzed desymmetrization of meso epoxides .
4.L igand for Copper catalyzed enantioselective addition of terminal alkynes to imines .
5.Ligand for Scandium catalyzed enantioselective syn-s elective ene reactions
6.Ligand for Copper catalysed asymmetric alkynylation of cyclic azomethine Imines.
7.Ligand for Europium catalyzed asymmetric alpha amination.
8.L igand for Indium catalyzed enantioselective construction of spiro-fused 2-oxindole/a methylene-y- butyrolactones.
9.L igand for Copper catalyzed asymmetric azide-alkyne cycloaddition to quaternary oxindoles.
10.Ligand for Iron catalyzed enantioselective nitrene transfer to sulfides
11.Ligand for Copper catalyzed enantioselective intramolecular propargylic amination.
12.Ligand for Copper catalyzed asymmetric hydroxylation
13.L igand for Scandium catalyzed dearomatization of 2-naphthols by electrophilic amination .
14.L igand for Copper catalyzed asymmetric alkynylation of oxocarbenium ions to set diaryl tetrasubstituted stereocenters.