Product Label Information

1. J&K label contains comprehensive product information:
1.1 Product name, purity, grade, CAS No., Lot No. and other basic information
1.2 Physical properties
1.3 GHS information
1.4 Supplier Information
2. QR code provided for automated warehouse management
3. Label is made of material that resists moisture and corrosion

A - Product Name
B Purity and Grade
C Package Size
D Product No.E CAS No.
F Lot No
G EC No.
H - UN No.
I  MF and MW
J Density
K MP, BP and FP
L Storage Condition
G EC No.
H - UN No.
M Hazard & Precautionary Statements
N Pictogram
O Quick Response Code
P Disclaimer
Q Supplier Information
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