Butyldi-1-adamantylphosphine, min. 95% [cataCXium® A]

Technical Notes:1.Ligand for the Pd-catalyzed Suzuki coupling reaction.2.Ligand for the Pd-catalyzed formation of a-aryl ketones.3.Ligand for the Pd-catalyzed aminations4.Ligand for the Pd-catalyzed Heck reaction.5.Ligand used for arylation of benzoia acids.6.Ligand...


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Technical Notes:
1.Ligand for the Pd-catalyzed Suzuki coupling reaction.
2.Ligand for the Pd-catalyzed formation of a-aryl ketones.
3.Ligand for the Pd-catalyzed aminations
4.Ligand for the Pd-catalyzed Heck reaction.
5.Ligand used for arylation of benzoia acids.
6.Ligand for the formylation of aryl bromides
7.Ni-catalyzed denitrogenative alkyne insertion reactions of triazoles.
8.Ligand for palladium-catalyzed aminocarbonylation of aryl halides
9.Palladium-catalyzed direct arylation of oxazole at C-5 with aryl bromides, chlorides, and triflates
10.Palladium-catalyzed carbonylative sonog ashira coupling of aryl bromides .
11.Selective palladium catalyzed C-2 or C-5 direct arylation of SÉ M-imidazole.
12.Ligand for palladium-catalyzed cascade process consisting of isocyanide insertion and benzylic C(sp3)-H activation.
13.Ligand for palladium-catalyzed aryl borylation.